TL-VB4200 Wired Desktop Basic Discussion System with Voting

TL-VB4200 Digital Conference System

GONSIN TL-VB4200 digital conference system offers versatile conferencing solutions featuring microphone discussion, interactive voting, simultaneous interpretation, language distribution, video tracking, digital recording and software control.



UNESCO World Heritage Committee annual session
Sudan Friendship Hall
Government of the Akmola Region  Kazakhstan


Chairman Unit / Delegate Unit

TL-4200 basic discussion unit allows the delegate to speak, request to speak and listen to speech, other units with extended function can support register attendance, cast a vote and simultaneous interpretation . Each unit comes with headphone jack and volume control for delegates to listen to the floor speaker and any interpreted language channel, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. Built-in speaker automatically mutes when microphone is turned on. 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time. The system also comes with voice-activated function, in this mode, the microphone will be activated as the users speak. The sensitivity of voice-activated is adjustable, which makes it more user friendly for normal users and the visually impaired people. It has two color: black or silver.

Main Features

◆ Elegant streamline design
◆ Exquisite manufacturing process
◆ Voice-activated function
◆ Support multiple chairman units and vice chairman units
◆ Support 6 channel wired simultaneous interpretation
◆ Built-in loudspeaker
◆ Support auto camera tracking function (SD and HD)
◆ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference
◆ Electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone, rich timbre
◆ White-on-blue backlit LCD to display the unit status
◆ Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, red ring luminant to indicate active mic

Basic Functions

◆ Microphone discussion: push to talk or request to talk. AUTO/FIFO/OPERATOR/VOX modes are available for microphone management
◆ VOX sensitivity and mic time-out are adjustable
◆ Unlimited chairman units and vice chairman units are allowed
◆ System supports hot plugging
◆ Six kinds of detachable gooseneck microphone stem
◆ Attandence registration with software:pressing key or inserting card
◆ Speak time control with software
◆ VOX function:in vox mode,the unit will be activated as user speaks; VOX sensitivity can be adjust by the server ( high,
middle, low); microphone time-out is adjustable ( 20-250 seconds), 1-4 delegate unt can be used except the chairman unit
◆ Supports automatic video tracking, with preset panoramic position
◆ Dynamic LCD messages for voting, discussion, interpretation and attendance registration
◆ Units come with recording output

◆ Voting: delegate can vote for Yes, No, Abstain . Vote counting and result display are enabled automatically by PC

-- Single-choice and multiple-choice voting
-- First keypress and final keypress voting
◆ Election: elect one or more out of N candidates, with 'competitive election', 'equal number election' and 'quick election’
◆ Evaluation: four buttons to evaluate. It comes with four choices “Good”, “Fair”, “Poor”, “Abstain”, or the customized evaluation way by software.
◆ LCD Dynamic display of the voting process( such as “ registration please, registration done, voting please, voted , please return, request to speak, mic on”, and ect)

The chairman unit has following functions besides functions above:

◆ Chairman units can be activated at any time

◆ Chairman unit can override/mute all the active delegate units

Technical Specifications

Mounting type


Frequency response









125 dB (THD<3%)

Dynamic range


VOX Sensitivity


VOX auto mic time-out

6-180 seconds



Microphone stem length

410mm(standard)(310mm/510mm optional)



blacklightwhite letters on blue

Built- in loudspeaker


Eeaphone jack

Mono 3.5mm jack





Working temperature


Storage temperature




Basra Provincial Council
Alaro City Congress Center
Parliament of Congo

Central Control Unit TL-ZB3

Main Functions

Stand-alone Mode Functions:

◆ Confirm to IEC 60914 international standard
◆ Based on digital control framework and high-speed CPU with more stable performance
◆ Built-in DSP digital audio processor with feedback prevention function; support 48KHz audio sample
frequency rate
◆ Built-in backlit LCD screen to display speaking mode, system status, DSP feedback prevention and other information to make conference management and setting more convenient.
◆ LCD display language support Chinese/English, English/Russian, Enghlish/Spanish and other language version
◆ Automatic video tracking with up to 4 SD cameras with preset position for panorama view; built-in 4×1+1 video matrix,
◆ Support extending HD video camera tracking system, support up to 8 HD dome camera( with adding video matrix)
◆ Alarm signal output interface, when the PA alarm system is activated, the unit can output alarm signal;
◆ Five speaking modes:
*Request to speak
*VOX (for 4200 and 5600 series)
◆ VOX sensitivity and mic time-out are adjustable ( apply to 4200 series and 5600 series)
◆ All or individual units'VOX sensitivity are adjustable (apply to 4200 series and 5600 series)
◆ Built-in loudspeaker of all or individual units are adjustable ( apply to 5600 series)
◆ LCD screen contrast of Unit is adjustable ( apply to 4200 series)
◆ Unit number writing function
◆1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated simultaneously, besides chairman microphone and vicechairman microphone

♦ Built-in treble/bass compensation for better sound quality

Extented functions under PC and software control

◆ Centralized conference management, operator can allow or reject delegate request to talk by clicking the conference unit icon via software
◆ In support of four voting modes:
*Fast Election
◆ Audio and video recording (a video collection card must be configured)

◆ Support operator to set speaking time and close the speaking unit after the time is up



Basra Provincial Council
Alaro City Congress Center
Parliament of Congo

Extension Unit ZJ-KR


◆ To extend system capacity with central control unit.
◆ One 8-pin( 13-pin) interface to connect to central control unit
◆ One 8-pin(13-pin) to connect to next extension unit

Technical Specifications

Max power


Standard capacity

60~70 conference units

Power Supply

AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz





Operating temperature


Storage temperature



Functions Indicators


Front panel:
1. POWER: power switch with a red indicator
2. Extension input interface for connecting with the central control unit or the preceding extension unit.

Rear panel:
3.Extension output interface for connecting with conference unit or the next extension unit.
4.Output interfaces (8PS/13PS) of conference units (1~3; total: 3 channels)
5.Power input interface



Basra Provincial Council
Alaro City Congress Center
Parliament of Congo