2021 Series Economical Paperless Conference System

System Overview 


The paperless multimedia function of the DCS-2021 economical paperless conference system can be realized by adding extended terminals to meet requirements of administrative conferences; this function can be extended as well with a pad or smartphone, which is a most economical paperless conference solution.


Phase-by-phase deployment, making investment flexible

Though budge is limited and investment is difficult to realize in a short time, DCS-2021 can help you upgrade the voting or paperless function anytime.

Just a system to meet different custom requirements of conferences, making 

conference organization and operation flexible

How to realize a paperless function for the chairman terminal when the delegate terminal does not come out with the voting function? DCS-2021 allows users to set functions for single terminal, meeting requirements of organizing and operating different kinds of conferences within a site.

Up-to-date conference system, making product upgrade flexible

DCS-2021 allows users to upgrade different kinds of functions, including screen size management, attendance registration, voting, multi-screen interaction, conference notification, address navigation, timed notification, conference service, and conference control & management. 

Besides the adding extended paperless conference function, the DCS-2021 discussion terminal allows the delegate to speak, request to speak, listen to speech, and has automatic camera tracking function. The discussion and interpretation terminal accommodates up to 32-channels; With a USB port, the handheld voting units can be externally connected to extend voting function; Each congress terminal comes with headphone jack and volume control for the delegate to hear the floor audio and any interpreted language channels, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time. Built-in loudspeaker mutes automatically when the microphone is turned on. Under voiceactivated mode, the microphone is automatically turned on when the delegate speaks, and VOX sensitivity can be adjusted, which is user-friendly to ordinary clients and visually impaired clients. All-in-one capacitive touch button design will also improve users’ operation experience.



Guangdong Cable Group

 Southern Media Group

 King Saud Medical Center

DCS-2021 Congress Terminal
◆ Extending the paperless function by extended terminals of paperless conference
◆ All-in-one capacitive touch button
◆ CD sound quality
◆ 32 channels simultaneous interpretation
◆ Voice activated function
◆ Automatic video tracking, support HD and SD camera tracking
◆ USB extended voting function
◆ USB system upgrading
◆ Super anti-interference

Main Functions

DCS-2021C/D Discussion Terminal

DCS-2021CI/DI Discussion and Interpretation Terminal

◆  Extended terminals of paperless conference: by uploading the GONSIN   Conference APP on the pad or smartphone, the paperless multimedia function can be realized.

◆  Microphone discussion: push to talk or request to talk. AUTO/FIFO/OPERATOR/VOX modes are available for microphone management. Speech can be heard via headphone or built-in loudspeaker.

◆  DCS-2021C/DI: Language interpretation: 1+31 channels. Channel number can be selected via Left/Right buttons.

◆  Voice-activated microphone mode: the microphone is automatically turned on when a delegate speaks. Sensitivity (H/M/L) and Mic time-out (20-250 seconds)can be adjusted on the congress server. Four delegate microphones can be activated at the same time.

◆  Attendance registration: by key press or supplementary registration.

◆  The handheld voting units can be externally connected with a USB port to extend voting function

◆  Automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic position. HD camera is supported.

◆  Congress terminal comes with a USB for feature expansion.

◆  Dynamic LCD messages for registration, discussion and interpretation.

Extended Terminal of Paperless Conference


 The chairman extended terminal allow users to initiate registration, voting, appraisal, and scoring

 Conference results can be displayed on screens of extended terminals

 Simultaneous Interpretation channel is selectable and language type of each channel is shown

 Provide calling function

 Provide E-document management function

 Speak mode is configurable



Main Functions

 Extended terminals of a paperless conference consist of a chairman terminal and delegate terminals

 Attendance registration: attendance registration is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Registration results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

 Voting function: voting is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Voting results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals. In voting mode, both the first key pressing and last key pressing are valid

 Appraisal function: appraisal is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Appraisal results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

 Scoring function: scoring is initiated and score is received by the chairman terminal. Scores (0~100) are entered through the keyboard and averaged by system. Scoring results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

The chairman terminal allows users to initiate quick voting/election/appraisal/scoring

  Discussion setting: the chairman terminal allows users to set speak mode, active MICs, and other parameters for the discussion system

 Simultaneous Interpretation channel selection: the extended terminals allow users to select simultaneous interpretation channels and display language and other information of corresponding channel

 Call service: participants place a call via an extended terminal. 

The paperless call service terminal GX-PST101/201/301/401 

  Offer Call service 
  Assist the servant to receive the request from the congress participants 

Basic function 

  Call service: The participant could use the extended terminal to call service, the request could be displayed on the paperless call service terminal in time. The service would be provided as the participant required. The basic service includes: paper, pen, tea, towel and so on. It could be customized according to the congress 

Paperless  system management terminal GX-PMT101/201/301/401 

  Offer system management function 
  Equipped with all setting function of the congress server 

Basic functions: 
After connected to the system, it has all the setting function of the congress server ( GONSIN20000), including the speaking modes of the system, speaking numbers, the adjustment of the system volume and tone, terminal numbering, the contrast setting 

Setting the congress topic and the congress participant and other relevant information 

The hardware technical specification of the extended terminal 

Notice: The terminal hardware is applied to the paperless conference extended terminal, paperless service terminal, paperless system management terminal. 

Operation system:       Android 4.3 
Screen size:                 8 inches/ 9.6 inches 
Screen resolution:        1280*800 
Screen ratio:                 16:10 
Screen type:                   IPS capacitive touch screen, support five-points touch 
Battery service time:      ≥16 hours 
Charging method:           independent adopter 
System capacitive:        One wireless AP could support 40 seats, by adding wireless AP, the system could extend its capacity.   
Dimension( W×H×T)      210.6*127.7*7.9mm(8 inches) 
                                         248.5mm×150mm×8.3mm(9.6 inches)     
Net weight                       360g (8 inches) 
                                         430g( 9.6 inches) 

Operation system:          Android 4.3 
Screen size:                    15.6 inches/ 18.5 inches 
Screen resolution:          1280*800 
Screen ratio:                    16: 10 
Screen type:                     IPS capacitive touch screen, support five-points touch  
Power:                               adopter 
Power supply:                   220V AC 50/60Hz 
Service time:                    > 50000 hours  
Dimension( W×H×T)       387×231×43( 15.6 inches) 
                                           461×286×43 (18.5 inches)  
Net weight                         3.36 kg( 15.6 inches) 
                                            5.48kg(18.5 inches) 
Working temperature       0℃-38℃ 
Storage temperature       -40℃-85℃ 

WAP-10B Wireless AP

♦ Support 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band wireless communication;
♦ Built-in high gain antenna, strong signal, stable communication;
♦ Co-operate with multiple systems without any interference;

♦ Elegant industry design, harmony with conference venues.

♦ Power adjustment, power can be adjusted according to the size of conference venue;
♦ Support multiple AP cascading to extend the system, easy to build up a large-scale conference system;
♦ Frequency band navigation, lead terminals to be connected to the best frequency band;
♦ Support POE power supply, less cabling, easy to install;
♦ Support ceiling/wall-mounting/desktop installation, flexible for various conference installation environment;

Technical Specifications

Max.transmission rate


Frequency range



1*RJ45 interface to connect the server or switcher( for multiple APs)
1*RJ45 Interface for Console maintenance

One AP capacity

One DC power interface to connect 48V external power 35 terminals


210 mm×210 mm×44mm (L*W*H)



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Signal coverage

30m (stable communication distance)


DC48VPoE power supply(802.3at802.3af)

Interpreter Terminal Gonsin IC-2016/2032



◆  Accommodates up to 16/32 ch interpretation

◆  Single language can be connected with up to 6 interpretation terminals at the same time

◆  LCD shows channel numbers and operating info

◆  Offers direct interpretation and relay interpretation

◆  Supports dual microphone input

◆  Microphone is selectable

◆  A/B/C incoming channels can be pre-selected.

◆  A/B outgoing channels can be pre-selected.

◆  Interpretation operating time display

◆ Reminder for speaking slowly

◆ MUTE key for cough cut

Main Functions

◆ Direct interpretation and relay interpretation

◆ Single language can be connected with up to. 6 interpretation terminals at the same time via software setting. When one of the interpreter terminal is turned on, the previous activated interpreter terminal will be turned off automatically

◆ A/B/C incoming channels can be preset easily and selected quickly.

◆ A/B outgoing

Data Server GX-DS201 


♦ To upload, invoke, store the congress files ant other file management

Basic function

♦ Congress files storage

♦ The congress file format supports DOC,PDF,PPT and other general document format

 By logging in WEB, to upload and manage congress files


Technical specification

Processor:                 integrated Intel Atom D525/1.80G dual-core four-thread,                                           D525+ICH8M chipset

Memory:                      DDR3/2GB memory

Hard disk:                   128 G solid state disk

Dimension( L×W×H)  320mm×221mm×48mm

Weight:                        2.06Kg

Working temperature 045

Storage temperature -20~50

Power HUB HUB-P150 


♦  Designed to meet the power requirement for larger congress system.

♦  Automatically checking voltage/current/temperature Main Functions

♦   Each power hub can supply power to 16 congress terminals

♦  Voltage/current detection: in case of over-voltage and overcurrent,power is turned off immediately and alarm is sent to the server.

♦   Temperature check: in case of abnormal temperature, power is turned off immediately and alarm is sent to the server.


Technical Specifications

Single hub capacity          Up to 16 congress terminals

Power supply                    110/220V±10%50/60Hz

Maximum power               100W

Dimensions(W×H×D)       230×160×60mm

Weight                                2kg

Operating temperature     0-45

Storage temperature         -20-50


Functions & Indicators

1. Power interface

2. 6P female connector interface (ROUTE OUT), for connecting to congress terminal or power HUB;

3. 6P female connector interface (TERMINNAL), for connecting to next power HUB;

4. Power on/off indicator;

5. Fault indicator;

6. 6P male connector interface (ROUTE IN), for connecting to congress server or preceding power HUB.

 System Diagram