The 47th Caribbean Development Bank Annual Meeting

Caribbean Development Bank, short for CDB, is a regional multilateral development financial institute established in 1970 with headquarter loacated in Barbados in the West Indies. It has 28 members, and China has joined in CDB in 1997.

From 25-26 May, Chinese delegation has participated the 47 caribbean development bank annual meeting held in turks and caicos islands.

Chinese delegation have said that the belt and road platform is open globally, every country can contribute to economic development by participating in the belt and road.

As a world-known audio and video conference system solution provider, GONSIN has offer 51 terminals ( 1 chairman+50 delegates) of GONSIN10000 series tripe-band wireless congress system which supports wireless communication in 2.4G /5.2G/5.8G frequency bands. It is the only one congress discussion system that can switch in three frequency bands freely, which ensure a stable operation in complicated wireless environment.

The system max capacity is 450 terminals. Multiple sets system can work simultaneously without interference to each other. GONSIN10000 series tripe-band wireless congress system comes with built-in offline 8-in-1-out video tracking matrix, also support extending to HD camera. With excellent audio performance, it is suitable to hign-end political/business market, rental market, renovation projects of old conference venue and historic building.

Meanwhile, there is GONSIN HD auto video tracking system to capture the image of every speaker during the meeting. Smooth HD images enrichs the participants’ user experience.

GONSIN10000 series triple-band wireless congress system has gained customers’ recognition with stable technical platform, multiple functions, elegant appearance, been applied to lots of international and domestic projects such as, National Banks of Greece, Burkina Faso Congress, Hefei Public Security Department, Yunnan Environment Protection Department, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Dantai Lake Hotel. 

As a high-teah industry, conference system has attracted more and more resource for new technique by companies. Every company tries to define the new standard by technical methods. What is more, a new stand that conform to  the era’s trend will accelerate the industry development. And, wireless teachnolgoy is the cutting-edge tehnology of conference system.We can forsee that wireless conference system will be widely adopted by the market. 

GONSIN Footprint All Over the Economic Zone of the Belt and Road 

In China, from Beijing International Airport to Xinjiang International Airport, from Xiameng Development Research Center to Guangxi People’s Political Consultative Conference, all above are GONSIN projects. Since the beginning of  Marine Silk Road Museum, GONSIN has provided high quality conference system and service to this bright pearl in memory of ancient marine silk road history. 

When it comes to international projects, since 2004, GONSIN voting system has been treated as national gift and presented to Moldova Parliament by Chinese Ministry of Commerce. After 14 years development, GONSIN has registered its brand in more than 60 countries with its produts shipped to 130 nations. In the list of GONSIN international project, we can find out multiple key projects loacing in the economic circle of the belt and road, such as Eurasian Continent Cooperation Fund Organization, National Tax Tower of Tajikistan, European Regional Office of World Custom Organization, African Union and European Union Cooperation Conference,  Institute for Kazakhstan Citizen Economy, Turkey Government, Russian Government, Kenyan National Assembly, Indonesia National Stadium, Vietnam UNDP and etc. 

GONSIN has insisted the cooperate  motto of “ Delivering Trust & Value”, with the company mission as “Build bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective”. GONSIN will follow the pace of national strategy, upgrade its concept and brave to innovate. It would positivity expand it distribution in the belt and road. GONSIN have seized the development opportunity and contributes to the belt and road economic zone. 

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