Simultaneous Interpretation System in Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation

In recent days, Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation has been held in Beijing, many agreements have been reached.
Related personnel in GONSIN has said that there are more than 100 languages in countries along with the Beld and Road. In the banquest, we found out 18 languges in the simultaneous interpretation system.

What is FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system?

When the guests delivered speeches, the participants can select different frequency band to listen the cooresponding language, which highlight the importance of simultaneous interpretation system to international events.

It is not difficult to find out what they use is a kind of IR simultaneous interpretation system.  As the most traditional wireless simultaneous interpretation system, it is well-known and widely used. By comparsion, GONSIN( stock code: 834726) self-developed FS-FHSS simultaneous interprtation system is relatively mysterious.

The mainstream technology of simulaneous interpretation system can be divided into IR and RF. When it comes to RF technology, FS-FHSS( frequency selecting- frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology aunched by GONSIN is the best RF technology. 

Take this welcome banquet as a example, if it use FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system, it would just require one wireless access point. User can adjust wireless access point to cover the whole conference venue, which makes pre-sale solution design, on-site installation and debugging, after-sale maintenance. 

For wireless products, effective communication distance is a key indicator. FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system can realize 50-500m signal coverage. The customized version can realize up to 2,000m signal coverage, which can meet the demand of supre large-scale conference with thousands of pariticpants. By contrast, nowadays, IR simultaneous interpretation system just realizes 30-100m signal coverage. 

What is more, when it comes to confidetiality, someone may mentions that because the RF transmission has high penetrability and all-direction signal transmission, it is hard to ensure data security. However, to fully encrypt data, besides the basic physic methods, depends on the coding and decoding technique of data transmision and data encryption technique. GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system utilizes GONSIN unique coding and decoding technique and 128-digit AES encryption and grouping technique, to ensure data security.

After the data security problem, people might wonder how about the anti-interference ability. Nowadays, there are many wireless devices, all occupy wireless resources. How to avoid interference to ensure stable communication?  GONSIN has developed the unique FS-FHSS technology based on widely used frequency hopping communication technology which allows the system to monitor the frequency spectrum in the conference venue, and select the clean frequency brand. When the wireless signal changed, FS-FHSS interpretation system can avoid the interference by hopping frequency.  Frequency selectiing and hopping double mechanism can ensure the stable communication. 

GONSIN R&D director, Mr. Tao, said that as a industry leader in R&D, manufacturing and sales of digital conference equipment, GONSIN is a state-level high-tech enterprise in China and a proud member of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). 

GONSIN products include conference discussion system, interactive voting system, simultaneous interpretation system, attendance registration system, multimedia control system, public address system, remote video conference system and conference management software.

GONSIN prides itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy ever since its inception, with independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products. Gonsin has two National Torch Program projects, its proudcts have received Guangdong Province high-tech and key new product.

The belt and road has raised new demand for China to deepen the reform, and provided new stage for Chinese economic development. Under this background, there are more opportunities for AV industry.

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