GONSIN Classic 4200 Series

Introduction: Nowadays, GONSIN classic product 4200 series desktop digital conference discussion systems are installed in party or governmental organizations nationwide. As the leading professional provider of complete audio and video conference system, GONSIN has accumulated rich experience in various conference system design solutions.

Pengshui County Party School, Chongqing 

Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Yingde City 

People’s Congress of Nanhua County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan 

People’s Congress of Liannan Yaozu Autonomous County,  Qingyuan 

People’s Congress of Anshun City, Guizhou 
Classic Product

Conference system is the main equipment in modern conference venue. Successfully holding a conference depends on the quality of conference system. With its excellent products and precise market positioning, GONSIN has won customers  in the furious competition. 

4200 series desktop digital conference discussion system is self-developed by GONSIN. Since launched in the market, it has been applied in multiple international conference venues. With its stable operation, clear sound and flexible functions, it has provided strong technical support for people’s congresses nationwide. 

GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system not only meets the basic conference demand, but also comes with multiple functions. TL-4200 basic discussion unit has the video camera tracking function, which could be activated automatically when participants use TL-4200 to speak. the dome camera could recognize the picture information, capture the speaker’s image and transmit the image signal to display equipments; by the extended function, it comes with the attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation and simultaneous interpretation functions; the system has the voice-activated function; in VOX mode, the microphones would be activated as participants speak, and the sensitivity of the voice-activated is adjustable. It is convenient for the normal users, meanwhile, it also provides convenience for the visually impaired people. It has two kinds of appearance color, black or silver. 

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