Meet the innovative force in Liupanshui City Party School

Introduction: Recently, Liupanshui city party school and new campus of city administration have been come into sevice. City party school is in west of the party building, it covers 22,000 square meters, the complex includes comprehensive education building( conference hall), conference rooms, dormitory, canteen and others.

We are in the age of reform. City party has responded to the spirit of reform and innovation by the Seventeenth Congress of the CPC, and given new demand to the construction of new party school.

With constant change of the field of professional audio and video conference system, new technology appears anytime.

The conference voting system has evolved from the wired voting system to the wireless voting system, from the desktop type to hand-held one; the simultaneous interpretation system has evolved from IR transmission to RF transmission. All of these chances has illustrated the progress of technology. Today, we meet the innovative technical force. 

This kind of lightweight hand-held product is the new voting unit with interpretation fucntion. It saves lots of budgets by using 200 seats of BJ-W5I wireless voting units with interpretation function. It is not necessary for customers to purchase the conference voting system and simultaneous interpretation system respectively. It is innovative and economic  for customers to using only one set BJ-W5I system . 

New Conference Mode 

The GONSIN self-developed BJ-W5i wireless voting system with interpretation has bought new experience to users. It not only is a kind of conference voting system with interpretation function, but realizes a new concept. In operation, by setting the system, users can change the operation modes, including interpretation mode, voting mode, voting &interpretation mode. Flexible operation has made holding conference easier. Meanwhile, the system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS( frequency selecting-frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology, it detects the wireless signals on site, ensuring the stable signal transmission by frequency-selecting and frequency-hopping double mechanism. 
Besides voting function and interpretation function, BJ-W5i has versatile functions such as attendance registration, evaluation, election, grading.It becomes a real industry benchmarking in conference filed by its powerful functions, flexible operation modes, excellent users experience. 

As a famous professional provider of audio and video conference system, GONSIN has offered TL-3300 desktop digital conference discussion system beside BJ-W5i voting system. 

With its stable performance, clear sound, high fidelity, TL-3300 series has been the hot-sale product since it was launched in 2015. Electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone make its timbre rich and the upgraded technology to resist to mobile phone  interference has been top in the industry. For different conference venues,the special design of hidden cable shows more elegant.

Only innovation can meet the increasing demand. With more information and integration, the time cost of innovation is reducing. One step ahead could overturn the  tradition. Innovation leads us to win. 

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