Digital Era in Ukrainian National University of Technologies and Design

Introduction: Ukrainian National University of Technologies and Design belongs to the Ukrainian Educational Department, is founded on October 1, 1930 as Kyiv Politechnic Institute of Leather Industry located in the nation's capital Kiev, and renamed as the Ukrainian National University of Technologies and Design in 1999, it is the best of its kind in Ukraine.

The 4th All-Ukrainian scientific conference 

For educational industry, with the continuous progress in the society, it requires higher standard for the educational quality. In order to strengthen the informatization and improve the education, Ukrainian National University of Technologies and Design has upgraded multiple conference rooms. 

Bringing the conference system has broken through the limit of traditional education mode and improve the communication efficiency between teachers and students. GONSIN TL-3300 desktop digital conference system has devoted itself to buildingup an open educational platform for the university. 

GONSIN TL-3300 desktop digital conference system combines the high-tech and human-friendly design into itself. It has its advantages in several aspects such as production specification, product function and operation convenience. It utilizes the electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone, which allows the pickup range shape like cardioid and reproduce the perfect sound of the users. 

It supports auto video camera tracking function, which makes it easy for the educational broadcasting. During the operation, there is no need for users to put on any positioning device. It also does not require installation of IR, ultrasonic wave, RF transmitter and other supporting equipment to realize the automate tracking function. 

Good conference system not only needs to meet the basic demand from customers, but also provides excellent user experience. Traditional wired discussion conference systems have a bothering problems in common: the wiring is unfitted with conference venue decoration. However, our product designer has added an exquisite cable slot, which enables technical team to adjust the cable according to different environment and makes the overall outlook of the conference venue more elegant.  

The First Training Scientific Start ASGP 

The International  Scientific Seminar 

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