The Secret of Xijiang Aheqi Theater

Aheqi county, home of  China falcon, is situated on the northwestpart of Xijiang Autonomous Region, has frontier with Kirghizia in the northwest part with 43000 population. Its residents include Han people, Uighur people, Hui people, Khalkhas people, Kazak people and other minorities.  

Where there is a place that multiple languages are used, there is a communication problem. With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initative, Xingjiang Autonomous Region has pushed up the construction of core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Aheqi county has more exchange activities between different minority, especially. 

In order to promote communication between multiple minorities in all aspects, Aheqi theater has planned to build up a set of stable and convenient simultaneous interpretation system. 


“ As the conference begins, I just need to wear the headphone and select the corresponding language channel to hear the language I understand, which helps me to understand the speech.” A participants said it to GONSIN technians with joy and simultaneous interpretation receiver in hand. 

Simultaneous interpretation system is a kind of audio conference system to offer multiple lanuage interpretation to users. After on-site measurement, GONSIN design team has provided a set of multiple channels IR simultaneous interpretation system for Aheqi theater. IR simultaneous interpretation system is the most common transmisson way of one of wireless lanuage distribution, so for GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system has been widely applied to political and commerical conference at various size. 

300 seats GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system not only play an active role in daily government conference, but also serve some cultural activities. In the past, only multilingual people can participate in discussion freely, and there is low participation rate for ordinary people. However, with GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system, language barrier has been removed. 


Project Cases

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